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Weekly Classes: Series 1 | Drag Blues | Classes 1 to 6

April 22nd – June 3rd 2018

Yep, that’s right, Blues dancing is a thing! Danced both solo and/or with a partner Blues has several styles including Slow Drag, Delta and Boogaloo.

Developing alongside Blues music, Blues dancing was at the time deemed ‘socially inappropriate’ (how wonderful!!!). For this reason Blues was practiced only in Juke Joints and Rent parties of the Black communities.

Like Swing dancing, Blues contains a similar African movement aesthetic and reflects characteristics of the music it is danced to, for example call and response, emotional intensity and, above all else, a badass attitude!

“But I can’t dance”! Good news, EVERYONE can dance the Blues! Not convinced? Give it a whack at our Blues classes and become a member of our growing community. We dare you! READ MORE