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Code of Conduct


As with everything else in life, I understand that consent is important.
I will obtain consent before taking any action, whether grabbing someone to dance or anything more. I understand that the social dance floor is not the appropriate place to make advances on someone. If I think there is chemistry beyond the dance, I will wait for the dance to end before asking about it. I understand that consenting to a dance is not the same as consenting to anything else.

I accept that I am responsible for my enjoyment of the event and will contribute to making a community that is safe, open, honest, and enjoyable for all involved.
I recognize that the purpose of social partner dancing is to have fun while connecting with another person. I will make the best effort to be attentive to my dance partner and enjoy each dance with each person regardless of background, race, gender, beliefs, or skill level.

I am encouraged to actively participate in building the dance community.
To do so, I will seek out new people to dance with or talk to. I can also foster connections by introducing or reintroducing myself with each new dance.

I understand that every dance with another person is a privilege.
I understand that asking someone to dance is a request, not a demand, and that they do not owe me an explanation of their reasons. I will receive any acceptance or rejection with grace.

I will be mindful of myself, my dance partner, and my surroundings when I dance.
I will not attempt large moves, lifts, kicks, or other movements that may cause injury and/or discomfort to my dance partner, myself, or those around me. I will do my best not bump or step on other dancers. I will be gracious if I do and still gracious if someone does it to me.

I will not teach on the social dance floor.
I will not offer unsolicited advice about someone’s dancing, and any practicing with my dance partner will be done off to the side or in another room to leave the dance floor open for social dancing.

I will take care of my hygiene.
I will bring towels, hygiene products, and spare changes of clothing to ensure I look, smell, and feel clean. I will check my sweat and body odor on a regular basis and clean myself up as necessary.

It is okay for me to tell my dance partner if something he/she does causes me discomfort.
I will make my best effort to inform them and give them an opportunity to change it. I understand that communication can clear up misunderstandings before they build. I recognize that people are sometimes unaware that their actions are uncomfortable until they are informed.

I will strictly respect the physical and personal boundaries of my fellow attendees on and off the dance floor.
If I receive feedback from your dance partner about something that causes him/her discomfort, I will take it graciously. I will bring inappropriate actions that personally experience or observe to the attention of the organisers.

I will be respectful of the teachers, staff members, DJs, and organisers.
I will respect and focus on the material that is being taught and not try to teach or redirect focus during someone else’s class. I will keep all outside conversations to a minimum while there is a lesson going on. I am free to inform the DJs, teachers, and organizers of any positive feedback. I am also free to provide negative feedback, but I will do so in private while being respectful of the person receiving it.


If someone’s actions are in the realm of (sexual or otherwise) harassment or abuse, please inform an organizer or staff member. That said, simply not liking the way someone looks, talks, or dances is not a good enough reason to accuse them of harassment.