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Deep Down Blues Exchange: June 2018

Running alongside the Belfast City Blues Festival 2018, Blues Belfast celebrates it’s 4th Birthday, launches the very first Exchange EVER to hit Northern Ireland & features the ‘anything could happen’ Deep Down Blues Trail.

What’s the Deep Down Blues Trail?
In a nutshell it’s a bunch of dancers trailing Belfast City, basking in copious amounts of live FREE Blues gigs throughout the weekend and sipping rum along the way! Last time the rum got the better of us: we started an unplanned flashmob and ended up on a boat!

Who knows what this year will bring, but what we do know is that we will be in the middle of it all! So put on your red shoes and dance the Blues with us for the most fabulous weekend Belfast has to offer 🙂

This year we are holding 6 hours of Blues dancing workshops across the Saturday & Sunday with the wonderful Marta Martinho and Olga Seleznova.

Marta has been dancing all her life. Her basics are from contemporary dance, but she also had a fascination with and tried a variety of dance styles, like hip hop and belly dance. She started dancing Lindy Hop in Porto, Portugal and at international workshops tried Blues dancing. She got hooked on the Blues so much that got involved in running Blues classes and events in Dublin, Ireland. Together with Olga, she now teaches the more advanced levels, developing syllabus and programs to improve the scene and adapt to the community. As a teacher Marta is fascinated by body mechanics and movement. As a dancer she loves expressing her music adoration through her dancing.

Olga began dancing at three years of age, starting with Ukrainian and Russian folk dances in the small town of Lisichansk, Ukraine. Her love for jazz and blues music developed soon after moving to Ireland, where she then discovered Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Blues and Balboa. Olga’s been developing her dancing and teaching skills by attending any workshop she can for the last six years; and she is living the dream of being able to share her skills locally and abroad. Her teaching CV includes ESBF, Bluesli, Spoonful, Octoblues and Bluesberry Nights.
In her Blues dancing and teaching, Olga loves to play with contrasts, looking for new ways of interpreting the broad spectrum of blues rhythms in the body, and not forgetting to go back to the basics because there is always room to improve!



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