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Brooke ‘Roxy Blues’ Jackson: Founder, Teacher, Organiser & DJ

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Brooke, began dancing at the early age of 4 years old. Growing up surrounded by 80’s Disco, she demanded Jazz and Modern dance classes instead of Ballet. After completing her grades in her mid teens she dabbled in other forms of dance well into her 20’s. In 2007 she stumbled upon partner dance in the form of Jive and she was hooked! Then came March 2012 when she found the styles that would change her life: Lindy Hop, Charleston and Blues all thanks to her good friend Rory Vaughan. Soon after, she moved to New Jersey where she continued working on these styles between there and New York City. In late 2013, she moved to Belfast and discovered a huge opportunity to share her passion for Blues dancing. With that she immersed herself in all things Blues and launched Belfast’s first and only Blues dancing community, Blues Belfast, in April 2014. Since then she has been working day and night building the community in the city.

Since June 2014 Blues Belfast has held numerous workshops with renowned international instructors including Chris Härm (globe trotting Lindy and Blues instructor), Lucas Weismann (U.S.A. – currently on European tour) and Travis Hartman (U.S.A.).

As of April 2018, Brooke & Declan launched Kilkenny City Blues, with the first Blues workshop & Juke Joint to reach Kilkenny. With the support of Kilkenny Swing Scene & Rory Vaughn, Brooke now teaches Kilkenny classes once a month & workshops with Declan quarterly.

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